This Department comprises four Divisions, namely; the Human Resources Management, General Administration, Medical Services and Training Divisions



  • Senior and Junior staff promotion and complaints arising from Promotion and other related matters.
  • Processing of Disciplinary cases.
  • Processing of Withdrawal of Service, Transfer of Service and exit of staff.
  • Processing of documents for staff going for Pencom Verification exercises, Secondment, Condonation/Merger of service and such related matters.
  • Keeping and maintaining of all confidential files and Company policy files and documents for filing and release on request by authorized staff in the Secret Registry.
  • Keeping and maintaining of all Open files and documents, for filing and processing on demand by authorized staff at the Open Registry.
  • Managing the recruitment life cycle for sourcing the required talents from diverse sources after identification of manpower vacancies.
  • Carrying out the documentation of new employees, maintaining staff registers for all staff, and acknowledging submission and verification of staff additional certificates for proper documentation.
  • Extraction of records required within NIOMCO and by external organization such as Federal Character Commission, Head of Service, National Health Insurance Scheme, PENCOM, etc.
  • Documentation and Processing of staff records for old and new employees on the Data Base of Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS) at the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, Abuja.
  • Processing of Leave Matters.
  • Handling of disputes and grievances between Workers’ Unions and Management.
  • Handling of matters relating to election of the executives of the Workers Unions.
  • Handling of collective bargaining and related matters.
  • Ensuring stability, harmony and peaceful co-existence in the work place.
  • Establishing and maintaining good working relationship among Staff and Management,
  • Processing of general complaints from workers for Management’s consideration.
  • Handing of cooperative matters for Management's consideration.
  • Counseling, settlement of disputes amongst the residents in the camps and workplace.
  • Monitoring of the attendance registers in the Company.



  • Allocation of offices, fixture and fittings, Stationary Items etc.
  • Monitoring the effective rendering of services and enabling smooth flow of day-to-day operations.
  • Interfacing with travel agents for domestic and overseas travel, hotel, and transit accommodation for employees.
  • Supervision of offices, library, archives and site canteens.
  • Handling issues bothering on deceased staff which includes notifying Management, bring up issues of the burial grants and paying condolence visits with the Management.
  • Supervision of the transport unit which liaises with Auto Workshop for repairs of mass transit vehicles, light vehicles, tankers and trucks.
  • Allocation and supervision of proper use of residential accommodation.
  • Supervision of the Multi-Purpose Hall, Motel, Senior Staff Canteen and Guest houses.
  • Maintenance of Inventory of Company’s properties in each building of the various Estates/Camps.
  • Updating of staff NHF pass books.
  • Processing the refund of contributions to the deceased and retiring staff.
  • Liaising with Federal Mortgage Bank on staff matters.
  • Processing of loan application forms with Federal Mortgage Bank and other approved institution.



  • General Outpatient Unit
  • X - Ray and Laboratories
  • Labour and Delivery
  • Ante-natal and Immunization
  • Operation Theatre.

NIOMCO Health Care Centre is fully accredited as a National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) primary services provider with two qualified Doctors and other professional Health Workers.

First Aid Centers are operational at Ore Rail Line, Mines uphill, Beneficiation Plant, Site Clinic e.t.c.


  • Supervising of Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES).
  • Organising On-the-Job Staff Training.
  • Liaising with local training bodies such as ASCON, CMD, ITF.
  • Processing of Staff External Training programmes (Local).
  • Processing of Staff External Training programmes (Overseas).
  • Facilitating Trade Test Examination.
  • Organizing In-House Training for external persons
  • Running of the Company’s Vocational Training Centre



  •  Receipt of funds
  •    Custody
  •  Payments of funds
  •    Liaise with Banks, Customers, Statutory and Regulatory bodies.

This section comprises of the Cash and Cheque Units


  • Liaise with Banks (where necessary), regulatory authorities


  • Analysis of salaries (Deduction etc.)
  • Gathering of data for salary preparation
  • Inventory Management


  • Budget preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Gathering, classification of Financial Data
  • Recording (Posting) of Data
  • Custody and maintenance of Company’s Financial Records
  • Preparation of periodic Financial Statement
  • Preparation of Management Reports
  • Maintenance of Fixed Assets Record
  • Compilation and Remittance of Tax
  • Liaises with tax authorities

The department comprises of three sections namely; Property Development, Estate Maintenance and Environmental Sanitation.

  • Inspection and supervision of building maintenance works.
  • Valuation of buildings.
  • Preparation of bill of quantities.
  • Supervision of Carpentry, bricklaying and Planting Works.


  • Environmental Sanitation Works.
  • Fumigation Work
  • Evacuation of septic tanks/soak away.
  • Landscaping


Power & Utilities Department is responsible for all Power and some utilities related activities of the company. The department comprise of two main divisions namely; Power and Utility Divisions.

The Power Division is further divided into four (04) sections namely:

  • Bergeaud Plant/Mines Electrical
  • High Tension
  • Low tension/Illumination
  • Emergency Power Plant/Electrical Repair Shop 

The Utilities Division comprises of:

  • Programmable Logic Control/ Instrumentation,
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT),
  • Beneficiation Electrical Operations and Maintenance.
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Unit

In addition, the primary duties of the Department are as outlined below:

  • Responsible for the engineering of power supply to the Company.
  • Operates and maintains all the electrical networks of the Company including High and Low tension levels.
  • Electrical operations and maintenance of the Beneficiation and Bergeaud plants.
  • Electrical Services/Maintenance of the Mines, offices and Camp estates.
  • Electrical maintenance of Osara Dam pumping station.
  • Running/Maintenance of stand-by satellite power houses at the Site, Camp II, Camp I, Mining Township, Team quarters and Clemessy quarters, borehole extension.
  • Operates and maintains the Emergency Power Plant (EPP) which provides alternative power supply to TCN/AEDC.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and operation of the programmable logic control network of the Beneficiation plant.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and operation of Communication networks in and around the Company.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and operation of all refrigerators, Air-conditioners in the plants, offices and locomotive engine cabins.
  • Liaises with external Utility firms like Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), MTN and Ministry of Power, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) on issues relating to power supply.
  • The department plays an advisory role on Power Consumption, monitoring, metering and payment of electricity bills.
  • Liaises with external GSM service providers on issues relating to mobile communication system.

There are five divisions that make up the Department as follows:

  • Civil Engineering Division
  • Ore Rail Line Division
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance Division
  • Planning Division
  • Auto Workshop Division.
  • Management and monitoring of the construction of the major industrial structures and Maintenance of the existing structures.
  • Keeping custody of all documents and drawings relating to the Civil Works carried out on the Itakpe Mining Project for reference and maintenance purposes.
  • Quality control of materials used on site.
  • Inspection of Civil Works.
  • Design, planning and supervision of Miscellaneous Construction Projects.
  • Property evaluation.
  • Checking and vetting of invoices and payment certificates for civil engineering projects.


  • Haulage and conveyance of Iron Ore Concentrate from NIOMCO to feed Ajaokuta Steel Plant and Aladja Steel Plant respectively.
  • Repair and maintenance of track on the Itakpe, Ajaokuta, Warri rail line.
  • Repair and maintenance of Locomotives, Shunting Locomotives and Gondola Wagons.
  • Operation of Rolling Stock in a safe manner that is devoid of accident in traffic flow within rail line network.
  • Rail Communication.


  • Periodic Maintenance, Unit Repairs (specialization works), Fabrication and Vulcanizing works.
  • Carrying out daily checking/maintenance of all earth moving equipment.
  • Carrying out all Routine\Periodic maintenance of all Earth moving equipment.
  • Carrying out unit repairs on all Earth moving equipment.
  • Carrying out maintenance of sub-assemblies of heavy and Earth moving equipment.
  • Maintenance/Replacement of Ground Engaging Tools.
  • Carrying out Repairs/Overhauling activities of heavy and earth moving equipment.
  • Carrying out maintenance of all related Transmission and Hydraulic systems.
  • Welding, Brazing and Soldering works on earth moving equipment.
  • Design and fabrication of structures/structural members and sub-assemblies components.
  • Carrying out maintenance/repairs of all auto electrical components of earth moving equipment.
  • Supervision of medium and capital repairs of earth moving equipment.


  • Planning activities of the department.
  • Coordinating the phenomena - scheduling and documentation of all equipment in the department.
  • Keeping adequate records of all activities in the department
  • Keeping and updating history for both routine and preventive maintenance works on all equipment.
  • Preparing costing/cost control related activities of all equipment in the department.
  • Preparing and appraising maintenance requirement of all equipment.
  • Coordinating the preparation/ appraisal of departmental budget.
  • Coordinating inspections required for all equipment.
  • Preparation of progress reports of the department as may be required from time to time.
  • Collection and analyzing maintenance data on all departmental equipment.
  • Ensuring high availability and control of spare parts in the material store are well maintained.
  • Coordination - towards the adherence and Follow-up of warranty conditions and claims.
  • Coordinating the preparation of Job process and job safety analyses\measures, which must be strictly followed.
  • Requisition for spare parts.
  • Recommending training needs for departmental staff.
  • Undertaking sub-administrative work of the department staff.
  • Policy formulation and implementation, strategic and operational activities of the department.
  • Ensuring that actualization of company goals and objectives are achieved through the designed departmental information flow - from the recipient of job / work order originating from other departments of the company through to the delivery of the services as enshrined in the job order.
  • Accountability of materials and adequate disposition of necessary manpower and logistics paramount to the planning division of the department.



  • Maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of all the Light vehicles and Trucks of the company.
  • Carrying out daily checking and maintenance of all company vehicles.
  • Carrying out all periodic maintenance of all company vehicles.
  • Carrying out unit repairs on all company vehicles.
  • Carrying out repairs on sub-assemblies of vehicles like Engines, transmissions/Gear box, body and final drives.
  • Carrying out maintenance/replacement of all company vehicle tyres.
  • Carrying out welding and rehabilitation of company vehicles.
  • Recovering broken down vehicles outside the company premises.


The department comprises of 5 divisions namely: Operations, Mechanical Maintenance, Quality Control, Dam & Water Supply, and Fire & Safety divisions and one unit (Planning Unit) with the generalized functions as follows:

  • Beneficiation of Iron Ore from 36% to 63%.
  • Maintenance of Beneficiation Plant Equipment.
  • Maintenance of Beneficiation Environment.
  • Ensuring smooth running of Beneficiation operation/Production
  • Ensuring that the whole company is safe from fire outbreak.
  • Ensuring safety of all staff at work by the use of safety wears.
  • Ensuring that safety rules are applied in individual department.
  • Overseeing water supply to the residential and office area.
  • Supervision and maintenance of drilling of water boreholes and reticulation to residential and office areas.
  • Overseeing raw water supply for Industrial use.
  • Maintaining dam and its facilities.
  • Maintenance of water pipelines.
  • Ensuring the Dam environment is properly maintained.
  • Co-ordinating the activities of all the Divisions in the Department.
  • Ensuring timely and adequate supply of spare parts, tools and consumables for smooth running of the plant.
  • Issuing of work order and ensuring maintenance activities carried out as requested.
  • Technical guidance to visitors on excursion of students on industrial attachment.
  • Assistance to researchers on Ore beneficiation.
  • Maintenance of Beneficiation Offices.
  • Monitoring and Supervision of staffs.
  • Submitting progress report of all on-going activities in the plant.

Mines department comprises the following divisions and units namely; Mine Operation, Mine Planning, Mine Development, Exploration, Mine Geology, Quality Control/Mine Laboratory and explosives magazine.

  • Mine Development
  • Mine Planning
  • Drilling and Blasting
  • Exploration
  • Mine Geology
  • Quality Control
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Explosive Returns
  • Preparing Mining Records
  • Recording of Production Figures
  • Reserve Estimating

The main objective of the department is to explore, exploit and convey the Iron Ore ROM (Run of Mines) to the Primary Crusher of the Beneficiation plant for processing into Iron Ore Concentrate, in order to supply 2,150,000T/year of 63/64% Fe grade and 550,000T/year of 67/68% Fe grade to Ajaokuta and Delta Steel Companies respectively.

The department comprises four (4) sections/ units, namely: Store, Sales and Marketing, Procurement and Shipping/Haulage. The respective schedule of duties are as follows:


  • Keeping stock of all Company's procured items
  • Issuing Good Receive Note (GRN) after certification by the relevant organsations.
  • Issuing Stores Requisition Invoice Voucher (SRIV) on request to units and departments.
  • Updating of the bin card recordings and proper shelving or positioning of the stock material.
  • Attends to memos, files & letters as per the incoming register.
  • Coordination of Annual Stock Taking and check on the stock materials on random basis.


  • Arranging and participation in trade fair and exhibition for NIOMCO products.
  • Attending to all customers enquiries on NIOMCO products.
  • Issuance of allocation papers for purchase of concentrates and other by-products.
  • Issuance of necessary documents to customers.
  • Issuance of copies of receipts and allocation papers to other relevant departments for documentation.
  • Issuance of authority to load (ATL) to customers.


  • Coordination and ascertaining of annual needs assessment of NIOMCO.
  • Handling all correspondences relating to procurement activities.
  • Keeping records of all procurement activities.
  • Periodically carrying out market survey and updating of price list of items.
  • Coordinate all procurement process and keeping records of same in hard & soft copies.
  • Advising & recommending to management the appropriate procurement method to adopt in every procurement process.
  • Participation and provision of inputs in the preparation of the company's annual budget.
  • Preparing and placing advert on-behalf of NIOMCO on invitation to bid/tender on annual capital projects.
  • Preparing letter of awards to successful bidders.


  • Weighing and loading of all products procured from NIOMCO and issuing of necessary documents.
  • Arranging and monitoring that all products procured from NIOMCO are efficiently and effectively evacuated and conveyed out of NIOMCO with necessary documents to forestall stampede and congestion at the weighing and loading arena.
  • Weighing and ascertaining that the weights and measures of all products and materials coming into the company tally with the given specifications on the contract award letter before acceptance by NIOMCO for usage or storage.
  • Liaising with clearing and forwarding agents in Nigeria ports to monitor and facilitate the clearing of all NIOMCO imported goods and materials.
  • Ensuring the safe haulage of all imported materials, equipment and machineries to the site of NIOMCO.


The SA's Office comprises of the following divisions and units namely with their respective functions as follows:


Managerial Headship

The CS/LA, by virtue of his office functions as the managerial head of the office of CS/LA performs the following duties.

  • Assisting in staff training and welfare of the CS/LA's Office;
  • Assisting in the appointment, promotion, and discipline of staff of the CS/LA's office
  • Preparing Annual Budget for the CS/LA's office
  • Holding regular divisional Meetings
  • Attending Management and other Committee Meeting.

Secretarial Duties

The Secretariat Duties as provided under section 298 (1) of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 are as follows:

  • Attending Meetings of the Company, the Board of Directors and its Committees, rendering all necessary secretarial services in respect of the meetings and advising on compliance by the meetings with the applicable rules and regulations;
  • Maintaining the registers and other records required to be maintained by the Company under the Act.
  • Rendering proper returns and giving notification to the Companies Registry under the Act;
  • Carrying out such administrative and other secretarial duties as may be directed by the Board of Directors or the Chief Executive.

Legal Duties

  • The principal duty is to protect the Company's interest in all legal matters. This involves giving legal advice/opinion on
    • Policy matters
    • Registrations
    • Contracts
    • Torts
    • Personnel matters
    • Compensation
    • International relations
    • Immigration matters
    • Taxation
    • Advisory opinion on matters relating to the general running of the Company.
  • Conducting extensive investigations into claims arising from Agreements made between the Company and other parties after which appropriate recommendations are made.
  • Preparing/drafting and vetting legal documents on:
    • Contract Agreement
    • Tenancy/Lease Agreement
    • Commercial Agreement
    • Bilateral and Multilateral Agreement
    • Consultancy Agreement
    • Memoranda of understanding/and other memoranda
    • Acts/Status
  • Participating in contract negotiations, arbitrations/settlement, (dispute resolutions);
  • Monitoring performance of legal obligations;
  • Responsible for writing briefs and liaising with External Solicitors on cases involving the Company;
  • Conducting search and inquiry into any property belonging to the Company;
  • Representing the Company in meeting, symposia, conferences and seminars on legal issues.


This is the arm of the Company responsible for creating avenues for the establishment and maintenance of mutual understanding between the Company and its Constituent Publics; i.e. Customers, Workers and Communities around it.

The division is responsible for:

  • Budget and operational planning of the division.
  • Co-ordinating all the activities of the division.
  • Epitomizing and projecting image and credibility of both the Sole Administrator /Chief Executive and the Company as a whole through adequate publicity (internal and external)
  • Supervising and controlling information materials, briefs and documentaries in print and on film.
  • Controlling, organizing and directing the media during press briefing, interviews etc.
  • Informing and advising Management on news items in Public Media on the Company and possible reaction to such, if any.
  • Supervising protocol and other arrangement during VIP visits.
  • Advising Management on Public Relation Affairs during official ceremonies etc.
  • Advising Management on promotional matters as it affects the corporate image of the Company especially matters of procurement of corporate gift items, diaries, calendars, corporate printing such as complimentary cards, envelopes etc.
  • Giving intelligence reports on possible reactions to policies enumerated by Management especially those that affect Staff Welfare.
  • Issuing permits (after due clearance with the Sole Administrator/Chief Executive) to Public Performers, and supervising of such.
  • Controlling, supervising and co-ordinating adverts, announcements etc. and other placements in the newspapers, television and radio.
  • Plays some liaison role with the Local Community around especially traditional rulers/community leaders on behalf of the Company.
  • Presentation of periodic/annual Public Relations traditional gifts to community leaders and its priced corporate friends.
  • Co-ordinates courtesy visits by Management to key Government functionaries of state, Local and Federal Government including traditional rulers.
  • Serves as the editorial adviser to the Company's Newsletter.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned by the Sole Administrator/Chief Executive.

The division is further divided into three main segments performing their various specialized professional functions. The segments are:

  • Media Relations/Publications
  • Protocol/Community Relations
  • Photograph/Film Unit.

Media Relations/Publications Unit

  • Liaising with Media Houses/Journalists on matter affecting the Company.
  • Co-ordination of all matters concerning publicity, promotion and advertisement in Newspapers, Radio and Television.
  • Arranges for the comfort of visiting journalists/Hospitality.
  • Arranges for facility tours for journalists, Interviews, Press Conferences etc.
  • Organization of the production of in-House Magazines as well as compilation of materials for the Company’s Information Brochures.
  • Co-ordination of the production of Calendars, Diaries, and other promotional gift items for the Company.
  • Gives advice on the designs and production of corporate gift items.
  • Liaises with Company printers on matters that affect technical details of corporate printings such as ID cards, complimentary cards, calendars, diaries, brochures etc.
  • Co-ordinates exhibitions, trade fairs and promotion of Company products at seminars, conferences.

Protocol/Community Relations Unit

  • Liaises with immigration office for passports, visas and other travel documents for Managing Director/Chief Executive and other Staff of the company when the need arise.
  • Arranges courtesy calls for the Sole Administrator/Chief Executive and Management on the constituent state functionaries, such as Governor, Local Government Chairman, Traditional Rulers and Federal Government Agencies.
  • Liaises with appropriate individuals/groups on functions that the Chief Executive and Management may attend.
  • Co-ordinates the Welfare arrangement of corporate guests at Hotels outside the Company, Reservation etc.
  • Reception of VIP Guests into the Company.
  • Receives and conducts guests of the Sole Administrator/Chief Executive.
  • Co-ordinates all Welfare/Protocol matters that affect the Chief Executive, his immediate family and Top Management Staff of the Company.
  • Arranges tours and visits of schools to the Company.
  • Responsible for the overall co-ordination of all major visits to the Company.
  • Co-ordinates ceremonies and social functions that requires the attention of the Sole Administrator/Chief executive or Top Management.
  • Responsible for the arrangement and distribution of end of year gift to community leaders etc.


  • Liaises with community leaders.
  • Liaises with Traditional rulers of the land and Local Government Officials
  • Liaises with major contractors of the plant on matters that affect National Iron Ore Mining, Company Limited and the Local community
  • Initiates and co-ordinates community relations programmes/projects for the Local Communities.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned.


  • Provides coverage for Company events through still photography, DVD and film.
  • Maintaining a photo/film library of events and activities of the Company.
  • Printing of all Company photographs.
  • Co-ordinates the production and issuance of Staff I.D cards.
  • Maintenance/Servicing of photographic equipment of the Division.
  • Co-ordinates research/surveillance of the Company.
  • Documentation of Company photograph and films in chronological order.
  • Documentation of print materials that are of information relevance to the Company.
  • Assists industrial photographer in the compilation of photographs for calendar, brochure and in-House magazine production.



  • Ensuring management financial policies and instructions are consistent with cost control and system appreciation.
  • Supervision and coordination of the report writing on all Audit programs.
  • Handling purchasing bills on contracts, sales bills, petrol pump bills, travel bills/local conveyance bill.
  • Post audit of staff claims
  • Receipt and issues of stock monitoring.
  • Audit assistance on all the programs reception and issue of approved items.
  • Reporting all adhoc audit programmes verification and vetting.
  • Reporting on store items and processes and fixed assets receiving/inspecting new supplies
  • Reconciliation of GRN to suppliers.
  • Reconciliation of ISR/Bin Card to store issues.
  • Verification of cash purchases. Inventory of fixed Assets/Household items and physical stock taking at the store.
  • Monitoring of all issues.
  • Reconciliation of issue records to security pass records.



  • Management and coordination of company's official activities at Abuja.
  • Attending to Staff needs while on official duties in Abuja.
  • Liaising with the Supervisory Ministry and other MDAs.
  • Ensuring smooth flow of correspondences and official information.



  • Risk evaluation and costing of all operational risks, liabilities, trading obligations and statutory commitments of the Company.
  • Managing the risks, liabilities, assets and statutory obligations by sound Risks Management strategy or Placing them with professional risks Underwriters and Brokers.
  • Reporting to the Office of Head of Civil Service of the Federation and National Insurance Commission on cases of defaults and discrepancies from Underwriters and Brokers.
  • Sourcing and discrepancies and organizing from Pension Fund from the Federal Ministry of Finance to meet retirement statutory obligations on pension under thr Old Scheme, through Pension Transition Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) and the new scheme through Pension Fund Administrators under the supervision of the Office of Head of Civil Service of the Federation and National Pension Commission.
  • Supervision, Enlightenment and Coordination of staff on the choice of Pension Fund Administrators (PFAS) with their clients and staff that are due for retirement for Annual National Pension Commission Verification Exercise.
  • Preparation of Nominal Rolls and Severance Package/ Terminal Benefits as required statutorily. Preparation of updated Staff Nominal Roll to be submitted to National Pension Commission (PENCOM) twice in a year and Pensioners’ Nominal Roll to be submitted to Pension Transition Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) and the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation.
  • Preparation of Letters of Indemnity for premature retirement to National Pension Commission.
  • Management of Insurance Policies, namely; Fire, Motor, Plant All Risks, Employers liabilities, Transit, Buglary, Grouplife and the associated Premiums.


  • Collecting and collating correspondences of the Company from within and outside for the attention of the Chief Executive.
  • Attending to the guests of the Company from within and outside.
  • Ensuring smooth flow of correspondences to and fro departments and the external bodies.
  • Liaising and follow-up activities with other divisions within the SA/CE’s Office and with various departments for the company to track progress of implementation of Company’s policies for the attention of the Sole Administrator.
  • Collating and producing monthly/periodic progress reports.
  • Overseeing the Internet Communication Technology (ICT) unit.
  • Overseeing the Archival Unit.