Our Mission & Vision


To be a reliable producer and supplier of iron ore concentrates and other raw materials required for the nation's steel industry.


To meet the needs of the nation's Integrated Steel Plants (ASCL and DSC) and other clients through consistent production of high quality iron ore concentrates and associated products.


  • To produce and supply 100% of the Iron Ore requirements of Ajaokuta Steel Company Ltd (ASCL) amounting to 2.15 million tonnes per annum of concentrate with 63 - 64% Iron (Fe) content.
  • To produce and supply 40% of the iron ore concentrate requirements of the Delta Steel Company (DSC) Aladja amounting to 550,000 tonnes of 67 - 68% Fe Iron Ore Super Concentrate.
  • To export the concentrates to the international market after satisfying local needs.
  • To facilitate the exploration, exploitation and processing of other locally available raw materials and supply same to steel plants.